Solomon’s Deep Aura Cleanse

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SometimesYou Gotta Get A Little Deeper...

We experience life and often through those tough times, we also pick up energies that are not so favorable to our well being, our purpose and our future. 

This blend of bath salts is based on the knowledge provided by King Solomon who mastered the power of removing dark energy. This particular product is often prescribed for a person who feels like life is overwhelming heavy and tiresome and “seems like they can’t get a break” but is not limited to feeling like darkness is keeping you from being your greatest version of self.

Many customers who have used this solution have also reported some or all of the following:

  • increase of inner peace and calmness
  • increase in energy and vibration
  • feeling lighter, brighter and more joy
  • feeling more protected and guided by the wise, hi vibrating angelic forces

This cleanse must be used with consistently over a 5-10 day spread to truly see results and does include a charged crystal to amplify your energy healing.