Lotus Seed Prayer/Chant Mala - 108 Buddha Necklace w/pouch & oil

Lotus Seed Prayer/Chant Mala - 108 Buddha Necklace w/pouch & oil

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I love my Lotus Seed Mala so much, that I had to bring it to the shop.

This mala is one of my favorite malas and I have a few.  Mala necklaces are used for prayer, chanting mantras or reciting affirmations.  They have also become quite fashionable in the past decade.  Some are made of ancient wood, some are made of seeds (like this one) and some are made of gemstones/crystals which are also very powerful.  

The lotus seed is the core or life force of the lotus flower....naturally.  So just imagine for a moment the power of one light seed & then the power of 108 on an organic cotton string. Yes Indeed Super Powerful. I will teach more on this via the Mala Magic mini course or the You are the Lotus Course on the Courses page.  

Your purchase of this necklace will include:

  • one 108 lotus seed mala
  • one re-charging bag
  • one starter Mantra guide 

This item comes to you heavily anointed & includes a small vial of anointing oil.