Lotus Godis Incense Holder

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This one definitely a fave of the staff here.  The golden godis hands hold the sacred lotus flower.  But what's so symbolic of her hands is the gesture she is in, the lotus mudra, 

What is a mudra?

A mudra is a Hindu seal or hand gesture that connects you to a sacred source of knowing-ness & a universal power.  The message of this particular mudra, the lotus mudra, is to remind you to stay connected to your roots; and although you may encounter some darkness, it's important to keep moving forward so you may begin to open yourself to the light and realize the extraordinary beauty that you behold.

This upright stand will hold a standard incense and is 4 3/8 in by 2 1/2 inches.

Comes with a starter incense set to get you on your path into a mindful practice.