Intro to Reiki - Energy Healing & the Universal Life Force

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Learn How to Become an Energy Healer 

There is power in you.  It's naturally born within all of us.    It's a part of who we are.  Energy makes up 100% of everything and you can learn how you can re-orient energy and activate healing of people places and things. 

This manual is the free intro to be coming a conduit for healing energy.  You will learn about reiki life force energy and be activated within this manual. The benefits of reiki healing includes:

  • Ease Anxiety to Bring Peace of Mind & Calmness
  • Reduce Stress Levels To Be Able To Enjoy Life More
  • Relieve Energy Blocks To Open the Door To Blissings
  • Activate a Deeper Connection To Yourself & Source
  • Strengthen Your Innate Spiritual Gifts and Awaken Others

After completion of your enclosed attunement, You will begin the journey of healing yourself of old wounds and feeling more amazing than ever before. 

 *includes intro downloadable manual and attunement