Godis Vibeup Oil - Heal Your Aura, Enhance Your Vibration, Elevate Your Soul

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Activate, Elevate & Manifest Your Vibrations....

The Godis vibeup oil is an excellent multi-use luxury item to keep handy for frequent use throughout your day when you feel down and out and upside down. From morning meditation to mid-day break and evening yoga, it’s use helps keep you centered and elevated all at once.  

Each crystal roll-on vial is made of a highly exotic scented oil blend and then amplified with herkimer diamonds, gold flakes and moldavite to bring you emotional clarity, advanced awareness and spiritual elevation.

Placing a swipe on your chakra points or pulse points literally takes your vibration instantly to a whole 'notha level.  

These oils come in  3 types:

  • Elevation (Amethyst): energizes your soul to higher levels, escalates your vibrations so you can release lesser emotions and empowers your spirit to evaluate its current perceptions 
  • Activation (Rose Quartz): generates love vibrations in your aura which helps you attract better opportunities and activates higher levels of compassion to self and others while grounding you into the highest level of devine love.
  • Manifestation (Green Aventurine): connects you higher knowing which prepares you to be able to manifest what you desire as a devine being of light. It is also super powerful for healing deep intricate emotional wounds so you can take back control over your emotional imbalances

This dynamic product is perfectly and professionally blended to bring you the best results and help you maintain your vibrational balance while bringing about your evolution on various levels and degrees.

 Comes with a Godis Recharging pouch and info card regarding use and suggestions