Harmony Luxx Crystal Goddess Candles - 8 oz Travel Tin

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Take Your Hi-Vibing quartz  Empowered Candle  made  with  a  touch  of  goddess  magic. 

This combo automatically gives the candles an unmatched leg up to any candle on the market today.  These beauties are each associated to powerful divine feminine goddess energy that help you bring forward a characteristic or purpose that you desire to master.  

For instance, If you want to ignite your creativity energy, you'd snag a Saraswati candle to help you with this journey.  Saraswati brings forth the energy of wisdom and creative energy ( among many other things ).  Her energy is blessed into the candle which also releases an aromatic fusion of essential oils & fragrance oil of citrus & rosemary to get your creative juices flowing. 

When you light your candle, you are outwardly expressing your desire into the universe.  Now all you must do is patiently wait to receive it & then work diligently to master said energy you've manifested.

 Other Highlights of the Product:

  • High-performance coco-bee wax blend that is VERY eco-friendly
  • 100% Cotton Wicked for smoother & lasting Burn time
  • Unique premium scents for every candle has been blended to ignite the senses 
  • Includes a specialized affirmation card to expand your personal experience and raise your vibration
  • Includes an embedded crystal that amplifies the power the candle & also empowers you


 8 oz. Travel Candle in a Tin Jar with a Lid  |   Burns: 40+ hours


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