Crystalline Energy Exfoliating Body Wash for Healing

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When we rolled out the Moonstone MOONWATER Body Wash in April/May 2021, we had no idea  how much of a hit it would be.

These 8 oz. enchanted body washes are a blend of an all natural vegan friendly liquid base, unique scents and finely grounded crystals within them to exfoliate the body. Not only does this energize and heal the body but they are crafted to also help your auric field level up and also with strengthen you spiritually as you go through your day or as you sleep.  Lastly, we top it off with bio energies similar to reiki to assist on a next level.

Many reported that their skin had a fabulous glow-up and that their vibration went through the roof so we figured ... “we must be onto something!”.....  So we added 3 new washes to assist you on all the levels.  

They are as follows:

💎  Youtopia with Yellow Aventurine for Optimism, joy enhancement, confidence, clarity, strengthening your will, ease anxiety, so the stresses and centering emotions 

💎  Frequency with Shungite for EMF Energy Protection, 5g Shielding, detox the skin, ground the body, promote spiritual evolution, releasing discordant energies and is great for use during intention showers and/or baths

💎  Empath’s Anonymous with Amethyst for Energy Shielding, calling back energies, dispels lower emotions, balances moods, activates spiritual awareness, growth and serenity.



More Great Benefits of this Product Line:

  • the best and highest quality luxury ingredients that help your skin #glow even brighter and feel smoother
  • generates an amazing shimmer from oils and touch of goddess magic
  • skin rejuvenating premium ingredients, herbs & oils known to promote healing and hydrating of the skin
  • has exfoliating finely crushed crystals to heal & balance stagnation in your aura and emotions
  • Infused with hi-sound frequencies to raise your vibrations
  • ignites a greater sense of inner tranquility



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