Tingsha Sound Bells

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Sacred Bells are Music to the Heart & Soul. 

Tingshas are handmade, hand-tuned prayer bells made in Tibet.  The pair of cymbals are held together by a leather string and upon contact with one another will give off a melodious chime that will resonate inside of the body to bring harmony & healing to your energy but also  purify the energy of your surroundings. You can learn more about these sacred tools and their history via our blog post here.  We offer 2 types of tingshas:

  • the Auspicious Set - Invokes Fortune & Enlightenment
  • the Om Prana Set - Invokes Peace & Harmony
  • the Chakra Set - Invokes Alignement of the Chakras

*doesn't include crystals pictured

Includes a Godis charging bag to store them & maintain their energy.