Beach Goddess Candle - 8 oz Tin

Beach Goddess Candle - 8 oz Tin

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8 Ounces of Amazing Getaway Vibes

Beach Goddess candles are made with Coconut wax, Crystals and a cotton wick which is then topped with organic reiki enhancing energy to attract good vibes! The crystal empowered candles commemorate the magic of beaches around the world.  A new beach  destination is added each month to bring a new vibe and experience. 

Choose from the following candles blended scents:

  • Beach Please - feels playful + smells alluring
  • Sunrise Mimosas - feels vibrant + smells citric
  • Mermaid Rhapsody - feels moving + smells exotic & musky  

 Highlights of the Candle:

  • High-performance coco-bee wax blend that is VERY eco-friendly
  • 100% Cotton Wicked for smoother & lasting Burn time
  • Unique premium scents for every candle has been blended to ignite the senses 
  • Includes a specialized affirmation card to expand your personal experience and raise your vibration
  • Includes embedded crystals that amplifies the power of the candle

 8 oz. Travel Candle in a Tin Jar with a Lid  |   Burns: 36+ hours