Amethyst Rays Healing Crystal Geode Necklace - Supercharged Collection with Silver plated Necklace

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You Can Be Empowered, Protected & Fancy..... All at the same time

Amethyst is literally a wonderful gift to the world!  There is a plethora of things that it can help us feel, see and know but it overall helps us be more empowered in our lives.

These stones are very loaded with spiritual aligning energies and have been used in many ancient cultures through time to do an array of accomplished things.  From strengthening the body on a cellular level, to providing users clarity, wisdom or serenity, it also is great for uplifting the frequency and vibe of the beholder as it naturally taps into some of the higher levels of our spiritual chakras.

This necklace helps its owner:

  • awaken to their truest self and ability
  • feel more peace and a sense of inner power
  • Inspire deep healing, emotionally & spiritually (this helps you feel wholeness and complete)

This item comes with an silver plated necklace and has been supercharged with with the purple protection ray of light to surround the owner with a shield of protective energy. The owner will be able to work through emotional instability which is very helpful for many of us existing in this time.  

When You purchase this necklace, it will include:

  • one large amethyst crystal Pendant
  • one 18 inch 18k sIlver plated chain
  • one energy re-charging pouch 

 Comes with a Godis Empowerment oil as our free gift to you.