It's time to unleash your magic....

but first you must discover yourself.

This self-discovery journey may take time to complete but you can get a nudge into the right direction with the right person and the right tools.  When I started on my journey of self-realization 15 years ago, I sincerely wished I had someone who could help me see the pieces of myself and show me the tools I needed to make the journey simpler. The services you will be provided by me are aimed to assist you either heal your fragmented parts or connect to the core of who you are and show you the path to becoming your magnificent and magical self !!

Goddess Khepra El, dd, RMT

Founder of Goddess Harmony Inc. &  I Am the Godis Online Store

Intuitive Coach  Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist & Master Energy Healer


Your custom reading or healing session will reflect what you need on a soul level.  No information is required from you as I generally read your soul energy to answer my questions on how to best serve you and also will confer with members of your soul tribe as needed to fulfill this service.   To help define your path, you will be provided guidance on what you need to add to your toolkit, what practices you need to incorporate, which devine being works with you and further instructions that have been provided through our channeled transmissions.  You will have time for any questions you may need answering that is relevant to your individual journey and direction on making choices to help you achieve your best choice destiny.  

The Goddess divination

I am very honored to work so closely with many of the Goddesses of the Light Council.  In the countless readings that they have come in through, they have provided profound knowledge and information that have put many women on a path to their highest self. All while empowering them to embrace the magic of themselves and how to do it more frequently.

During our 60-90 minutes together, We will discuss who you are meant to be, what you need to be doing to accomplish this, who your guides are on this journey and suggested practices to grow with the particular goddess you are naturally aligned to inside your soul.  This comes with a free Goddess Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox of the specific Goddess energy that you are in need of to further ignite your journey and connection.  

Numerology & Oracle cards are may be used with in this process upon direction from your guides prior to or during our appointment time.  Also note, This service is completed by phone but Video reading is available upon request.

The Goddess Healing

Inside of this earthly body and in this earthly experience we will encounter lessons that may jar us and at times scar our mind body and/or soul.  This healing session goes through and re-aligns you to your sacred connection and empowers you to move into your God-Synchronization.

Through uses of many modalities, use of my medium--ship ability and through many ancient healing art processes, you will walk away feeling strong enough, light enough and ready enough to take on the next stages of your life path.

Within this service, we will spend 60 minutes together processing, meditating and healing your states of being.  Your guides and masters will be invited to assist and guide me through the necessary steps required for the most optimal outcomes that you'll need to reach success.

Here's what some of our amazing clients have said

I have had the honor and pleasure to service many, many women and lead them onto the path to healing and empowerment.  

As a light worker, priestess, shaman and healer,  I all ways enjoy the opportunity to be of service and the outcomes therein.  

Below are some of the provided testimonies for your review.  I have omitted names for protection of the clients and 

added generic pictures for visual affects only.  These are also viewable via our parent company Goddess Harmony on its Google Business Profile.