of the Goddesses

It's Time to Unlock your Fem Magic

The Devine Feminine Light Tribe is a group of ancients whom have been revered though  the ages.  All hailing from different backgrounds and cultures 

but all of them exhibited levels of mastery that we modern women desire to have more of overall.  You see, we all have great potentiality.. however, we in this 

day and age get so wrapped up in day-to-day life we end up on a hamster wheel and never actually master key characteristics of ourselves that will eventually

help us unlock our natural gifts, powers and our purpose(s). Each Goddess product is named after that archetype or trait t and also assigned to hat they Goddess 

known to be expert within that subject.  With practice, intention and devotion, you may soon see the activation of your inner badass that lives within you.  

in a short 10 years of working with them

...Here's What I have learned from them so far...

They want to help us evolve

Time and time again in the past 10 years, the devine beings have only stated that they NEED us to continue evolving.  The devine feminine aka the Goddesses are here to help us evolve but more importantly, they want us to recognize that not only are we are also devine but we are ALL ONE.

they don't want to be praised

When I started connecting with these beautiful sacred feminine beings, I offered things like gifts and trinkets and food as this was the traditions i often saw.  It took years for me to listen to what they were telling me the whole time.... "we don't need your offerings, we need you to live up to your fullest potentiality inside your purpose".

most of His-story has it wrong

Each time I connected to a new Goddess,  I researched them after I would download information and commune with them to only discover it was either opposite of what they informed or half truths written about their life or what they stood for. Their stories needed retelling!

“You are more powerful than you have ever been told....”

The Goddess Council of LIght


  Ohhhh what a journey it has been!! I first made a connection with them in 2010 during my morning meditations but was not fully aware of who they were at that time. I heard of them being mentioned by their sacred names from sacred text books that I had previously researched and yet I barely understood the concept of the possibility of there being a goddess and a god. It made perfect sense in some ways like as I would read certain words like "as above, so below" I could inner-stand the meaning and what could have happened in history.

The great mother was removed from our education In retrospect, I realize that it was because I couldn't accept myself at that time as a medium nor as an energy healer that I was not quite comprehending them but somehow they still found their way to introduce themselves. I listened to guidance on how to connect with energies of beings, discovered sacred knowledge and learned from them how to find it, it was all mind blowing to say the least.  

"...It's time to embrace your divinity."

The Goddess Council of Light

We made our products to help raise Your vibe....

But also to help you find all the proper pieces of yourself you have lost or maybe even given away.  The products are intended to help you feel whole once again, but also to magnetically call forth energies you lack so you can activate that badass part of yourself you've longed to express.  The Goddess oils, bath detoxes, body butters, soaps or candles can help you sync up with the Goddess energy that once mastered the same thing you may desire to #own
Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox - A Godis Glo & Vibe Up Cleanse -  10 oz

"We Are Your Sisters Who Seek to Serve You"

The Goddess Council of Light

Get to know them one by one...


Within each block below you will find tabs that hold the names of the current goddesses archetypes we help you get acquainted with through the products.  

The choosing of just one may be hard at first but just remain honest with yourself of what you need in you life right now today 

and if that deems tough just pick the one that calls to your soul the most.  Click the links below to begin purchasing your Goddess Goodies.

  • Isis
  • Kuan Yin
  • Hathor
  • Nemetona
  • Lakshmi
  • Abundantia
  • Kali
  • Whope
  • Athena
  • Ma'at

Isis is very well known for her many ways and her infinite knowledge.  Her most favorite lesson she is here to teach us is the power of rejuvenation and healing.  

When you need healing or become ready to explore and feel your own magic flow,  I can personally guarantee that walking with Goddess Isis will deem valuable.

As the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin teaches us to remember to include ourselves when we show unending compassion.  

This is something many women fail to  do on a constant because we have compassion to everyone else before ourselves more often than not. 

Learn how to be more compassionate in various ways by taking a journey with Kuan Yin.

Joy is a wonderful feeling.  Hathor the patron of natural joy teaches us to find our own joy and create it whenever we can.  She also reveals how healing joy can be.

When you are desiring more joy and need to tap more into happiness, you will find the giggles of Hathor will show you the way to go.

Goddess Nemetona, the goddess of sacred spaces, is here to teach us that we ARE THE SACRED SPACE.  

This is something many of us in humanity have forgotten to uphold.  She teaches also how to create a sacred space where you can grow within yourself and around you.

If you need to remember how sacred you are experience a little help from Goddess Nemetona.

The Goddess Lakshmi is known for helping us understand that we can have our needs met when we realize how to tap into or attract the energy of prosperity.  

She will guide you to things that will show you this formula and help magnetize your life to prosperity upon changing your mindsets & belief systems etc etc. 

Are you desiring more prosperity?  Do you need to tap more into your innate power?  Using the Lakshmi products will help begin the journey of prospering in your life.

Goddess Abundantia is the patron of never ending flow also known as abundance.  

She is remembered by a few names in history but all in all she is indeed the Goddess of Abundance in its infinite forms. 

When you are ready to live an abundant life she will guide you and help you lovingly learn the ropes.

Kali is the ancient Goddess of Liberation.  She helps us to release the many things or various energies that keep us held back from our destinies.

Whenever you are  finding it hard to let go of what holds you back or are living in fear, Kali is without a doubt your go to.

The purifying Goddess Whope helps us feel more like who we truly are or at least become more of it.  

She is also the patron of dreams, ones we manifest and one we experience with messages for our daily lives.

Should you feel or desire to feel more like your pure self or whole self, then let whope lead the way.

Goddess Athena teaches us how to remain in the energy and spirit of determination even when life gets rough.  

She helps us recall our power to be victorious in all things in our life.

Are you needing an extra dose of determination?  Do you seek victory?  Then try traveling a little ways with Goddess Athena to find your way.

 Goddess Ma'at is the mother of Justice and Balance.  She has taught many the art of balancing the journey as well as

our minds our bodies and especially our souls.  Balance within yields Balance without she says and is ready to walk the way with you when you are ready.


  • Oshun
  • Xochiquetzal
  • Aphrodite
  • Oya
  • Saraswati
  • Gaia
  • Shakti
  • Sophia
  • Green Tara
  • Yemonja

Beautiful Goddess Oshun teaches us how-to love ourselves more genuinely.  She shows us how to appreciate our lives and value who we are.

If you are finding it hard to love yourself or appreciate who you are, There is so much that Goddess Oshun is waiting to share with you.

Goddess Xochiquetzal (zo-chii-ket-zal) reminds us that we are not defined by any person or situation other than ourselves. 

She helps us to discover who we are and define ourselves by our own standards.  This is a beautiful gift and she is a wonderful teacher to learn from. 

The Goddess of Adoration/Admiration helps us to have a high regard for ourselves.  Aphrodite teaches that loving yourself is one part to the formula of self-healing.

Are you seeking to gain more value within and of yourself raise or heal your self-esteem, then Aphrodite is ready to journey with you. 

Oya is the Goddess known of change and transition.  She helps us to welcome these eras in our life where change is necessary and 

instead of fearing those changeswe can properly learn how to embrace them.

Are you seeking some change to take place in your life?  Are you ready for new experiences or chapters in your life to begin?  

Oya makes this happen by making you a magnet to change.... just remember all current things must be torn down

The energy of creativity & inner wisdom comes through with the Goddess Saraswati. 

She also helps us to tap into our natural gifts and abilities that we have overlooked through the years.

Consider Goddess Saraswati if you are ready to tap into your natural creativity & live more.

Gaia, our mother of the earth, helps to keep all our needs by sustaining us, providing air, water and food while keeping us grounded.  She supports us in many ways and keeps us connected to our physical earthly experience.

Are you feeling less and less solid in your journey?  Do you desire devine nurture-like support?  Then Goddess Gaia may be able to teach you more about being grounded in yourself

You are devine.  Yes Devine with an E.  Shakti reminds us that we are devine Energy and we are far more than our flesh.  

She helps you tap into this knowing of self and when you are ready to embrace your entire being she will help you discover, unlock and unleash your badass.

Illumination and awareness is taught to us by Goddess Sophia.  She shines the light on truth in all of the many forms that they come in and

 helps us to learn from them because we already are fully aware that nothing can grow in a see of lies.

Take a walk with Goddess Sophia if you are seeking truths to be revealed and are looking to unlock and grow your infinite universal awareness through innate inner knowing.

Green Tara is a Goddess who helps us reconnect to our solitude, peace and inner serenity. 

Are you seeking more peace inside yourself?  Do you desire serenity?  Then the ever sacred Green Tara is going to a great source of wisdom.

Yemonja is the ocean Goddess that teaches us how to be more fluid like the ocean.  She shows us the benefit to being more in tuned into life’s ebb & flow.

Are you feeling like you are losing control of your life?  Are you ready for a new way? Do you need to release heaviness that's burdening you?  

Then You will surely find solace in the oceanic wonders and treasures offered by the sea Goddess Yemonja.

  • Ops
  • Nephthys
  • Sekhmet
  • Durga
  • Artemis
  • Ostara
  • Jade Empress
  • Freya
  • Aine

Goddess Ops Leads the way in learning how to invoke opulence and invite opportunity.

She helps you maneuver the mindset changes necessary and recognize that you are worthy of living an enriched life.

This journey is one that takes time but she is patient with you when you show that you are dedicated to your worthy life.

Egyptian Goddess Nephthys is known fo ra few things but one thing forgotten of her is her dedication to sisterhood.

When her sisters husband was murdered, she stood with her sister, sought with her sister, and chanted with her sister until Osiris

was back among the living once again.  She is devoted and she is loving in this regard. Nephthys story carries more to it but we honor her in sisterhood and

ask she show us the way in not only righting our wrongs but being a true sister. 

Goddess Sekhmet was once sent to right wrongs.  She is the lady of Justice.  Sekhmet is a warrior Goddess to say the least and reminds us

to stand for what is right or fight for it when the time calls.  She is always ready to fight with you and for you when you call upon her.

At times life may feel like we are catching havoc and it is true that at times we are indeed.  

Goddess Durga teaches us how to tap into protection and helps us when we cannot help ourselves in this process.

She also teaches us to have courage and how to learn from those chaotic times.

There are times in life when we loose sight of what is important or forget to focus on what is most important.

Goddess Artemis teaches us to remain focused on what the big picture is and maintain our ground in any mission at hand.  

She loving teaches how to sharpen your eye and keep yourself disciplined on your individual paths.

Ostara is a Germanic Goddess associated with spring but is also known as Easter and brings about renewal.  

Although remembered most by the aforementioned, she more importantly encourages us women to fully embrace the beauty of our femininity.

If you have been feeling out of sync with your feminine nature and desire to feel a sense of being renewed then Ostara is for you.

Jade Empress amassed an infinite amount of wealth in her lifetime.  She learned the art of manifestation and magic within it.  

In working with her, you will learn how to acquire hope, faith and magic all while believing in your self & 

more importantly your capabilities to manifest the life you desire.  The Empress is prepa to help you when you are ready.

Freya educates us on sensuality.  Typically we align this to sexual measures but she needs us to know its beyond this

She will guide you on the pleasures of feeling and sensing but also being in the moment and finding its pleasures.

Goddess Freya takes us by the hand and helps us see the many sides of being a woman but also how to enjoy it freely.

Aine the Goddess of the Faeries.  She beautifully teaches us how to tap into our magick within and also the magic of the elemental world.

This deems helpful as the universe was made with this energy and knowing how to wield the one thing that created life

itself is beyond priceless.  The Goddess Aine is a gentle teacher and loves to watch us master ourselves.  

We hope you enjoyed this casual intro...

This is only snippets of info and we hope that as we grow we find time to blog about each goddess.  You will be happy to know that downloadable 

info cards  are available with each goddess product you purchase or will be included inside of your delivery.  The cards will help you grow your spirit 

with empowering affirmations alongside with information on your goddess of choice and a sacred prayer to recite if you choose.  We are also currently 

working on other ways to teach anyone willing to learn so stay tuned here or with our social media feeds.  Thanks for spending time here and 

we send devine love your ways as always.

~ The Godis Shop

To further assist with your self-care journey, we've created healing cards to accompany each Goddess archetypal product that includes affirmations and a sacred prayer. This is downloadable for you upon purchase of your product or by clicking the link below.

Also, We are building a Community and a place to learn and grow the goddess characteristics in each and everyone of us.  You can Join the list here.