Learn Reiki 1 w/ Energy Healing & the Universal Life Force Manual & Session

Learn Reiki 1 w/ Energy Healing & the Universal Life Force Manual & Session

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You Got Formally Introduced to Reiki and Became a Healer..... But Now It's Time to Learn the Ropes...

Hoorayyyyy!!!!  Cheers to you sweets for taking the initial step and we welcome you  to the world of healing.  This guided workbook a.k.a manual will fill in the gaps to everything you need to learn when it comes to beginning your self-healing journey.  This manual takes you through everything from hand positioning to checking your aura and chakra levels but also includes slightly in-depth understandings on the spiritual body.  

You will learn how to utilize your first level to get acquainted to reiki and get re-acquainted to your self through and with the use of reiki as you commit to healing yourself first to optimize your healing capability. 

This level will expand on the following:

  • Ease Anxiety to Bring Peace of Mind & Calmness
  • Reduce Stress Levels To Be Able To Enjoy Life More
  • Relieve Energy Blocks To Open the Door To Blissings
  • Activate a Deeper Connection To Yourself & Source
  • Strengthen Your Innate Spiritual Gifts and Awaken Others

After completion of your previous free attunement and free bonuses in this manual, You will begin the journey of healing yourself of old wounds and feeling more amazing than ever before. 

 *includes intro downloadable manual and bonus attunements