My Godis Mentality + Clarity Bundle Kit

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Sacred Bells are Music to the Heart & Soul. 

This kit is made for setting up your daily practices to activate mental easement & clarity.  This kit includes::

  • Mala
  • Chanting e-Guide
  • Godis Serenity Oil
  • Meditation e-book
  • the Om Prana Tingsha Set - Invokes Peace & Harmony

Tingshas are handmade, hand-tuned prayer bells made in Tibet.  The pair of cymbals are held together by a leather string and upon contact with one another will give off a melodious chime that will resonate inside of the body to bring harmony & healing to your energy but also  purify the energy of your surroundings. You can learn more about these sacred tools and their history via our blog post here.

Mala necklaces are used for prayer, chanting mantras or reciting affirmations.  They have also become quite fashionable in the past decade.  Some are made of ancient wood, some are made of seeds (like this one) and some are made of gemstones/crystals which are also very powerful.  

Godis Baddie oils are natural based perfumed oils that amplifies your energy, ignites your magic and increase your connection to the Goddess within You.  The body oil comes inside a very unique vial that is topped off with a crystal roller to bring more magical vibrations your way as you apply it. Serenity oil represents Goddess Green Tara the Devine Feminine Buddha.

This kit will help you gain clarity within your daily practice and use of the variety of tools provided.  You will also have access to recorded tutorial on how to utilize your kit and acquire the best possible results.

 *doesn't include crystals pictured

**ebook is downloadable upon purchase

Includes a Godis charging bag to store Mala & Oil to maintain their energy.