Brass Lotus Resin Burner Bundle

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Give Your Prayers, Chants, Mantras & affirmations a boost!

The ancient practice of burning resins & incense goes as far back as Egypt.  Priest & Priestesses have taught that it is the smoke of the resin or incenses that carry the request up into the heavens but also invites the devine ones into our domains.  

This burner is made of brass ( a great conduit as well) and is etched with petals for an added touch of beauty.  The bundle comes with charcoal tongs & resin spoon to make your daily practice all the easier to begin and complete.  The brass burner itself contains the heat wonderfully but works best with sand (sold here) to further contain the heat of the charcoal.  It is advised to never place  a hot charcoal inside the burner alone as it could potentially sear the under surface.

For  Limited time, we are offering a gemstone sand, charcoal and resin starter set to accompany this bundle as seen in the primary photo