Beach Babe Luxury Body Buttah - Island Girl

Beach Babe Luxury Body Buttah - Island Girl

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The Most Amazing Silkiest Body Butter EVERRRR!

Beach Goddess Candles started it all with its luxurious Coconut wax blend that is usable on the skin. So we started thinking about how amazing it would be to make an island inspired body butter with exotic ingredients that heal and rejuvenate the skin. 

 What we created was more than we initially thought possible.  The Island Girl Body Soufflé is light, creamy and fluffy but just a finger tip of this butter supplies extreme coverage.  

This butter is a special proprietary blend of 100% all natural butters & Luxury oils that provide deep moisturizing & healing affects. The blend has the most amazing smell that will undoubtedly whisk you away to some memory of an exquisite tropical vacay. Traditionally, Body butters can often be a hit or miss..... but You won’t be disappointed with this one!

 8 oz. Golden Body Soufflé in a Travel Jar with a Lid