Good Vibes Only Energy Spray ~ for Chakra & Room Balancing

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We Invite the ALL the Good Vibes...

Bad vibes come and it’s necessary that they MUST GO. Bad vibes throw off your flow and block your bliss. Sage is helpful for this, however you can’t always light up sage when you need it. These sprays have a multitude of uses and can be helpful in any environment.

Great for your aura, chakras, house and car and it’s even better that you can take it on-the-go  these sprays are ceremonially charged with hi vibrating light energy and crystals included in every bottle.

  1. Protection/Root Chakra:: Generating Courage
  2. Invigoration/Sacral Chakra:: Sparking Creativity
  3. Illumination/Solar Plexus::  Invoking Power
  4. Harmony/Heart Chakra::  Bringing Balance

  5. Tranquility/Throat Chakra::  Activating Peace

  6. Transmutation/3rd Eye Chakra:: Igniting Change

  7. Purification/Crown Chakra::  Inviting Divine Light

These are great to use for cleaning your home/space, to remove /add energies to your auric field and to your balance your sacred place. This is also a wonderful option if you are asthmatic and cannot use sage to clear away energy.