iSlay - Mercury Retrograde Bundle with gift

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Every Tool You’ll Need to Slay Everyday of Mercury Retrograde

Mecury Retrogade season comes 3-4 times a year.  It often leaves us gasping for air after its natural run but what if you only needed to learn how to float through the hard lessons of Mercury Retrograde?  

There is a firm believe that you catch more bees with honey and Mercury has no protection against this understanding.

This bundle includes:

- a Godis Crystal Bath Detox (must detox mystery pick) with bath scoop

- 3 large to medium sacred earth crystals

- bliss up mini sage stick

- good vibes bundle (sweet grass, peacock feather and palo santo) and

- charged Godis satchel to keep your crystals vibrating high.

- optional add on crystal Godis mini candle

For  Limited time, we are offering a free gift to accompany this bundle from our shop