The Ultimate Godis Crystal Cleansing Kit & Mystery Box

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When you are Serious about this journey You take the Ultimate Actions...

This Kit is of our spiritual crystal bath blends and comes with the magical Lotus Soaps and a bonus gift necklace to help you clear out the mayhem, chaos or riff-raff attacking your life or to just get back into alignment with the magic of your soul again.   What makes this set unique is that it's a power pack of the most hard hitting cleanses we have in one box.  They are full sized detoxes at 8 oz each and  will also come with an instruction kit via email.  In this mystery box healing kit you will get the following:

  • 3 Full-sized Godis Crystal Detoxes to increase your vibration
  • 1 Box of 3 Sacred Lotus Soaps to open yourself up to blessings 
  • 1 Supercharged Blissed Crystal Pendant Necklace charged to help keep your energy raised and help your remember your amazingness while your on the go

Includes a wooden scoop, charged crystal, & goddess prayer card.