Angelic Celestial Warriors Incense

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Angels are a Goddesses Best Friend....

In the years on earth since a child and preceding further back than my own lifetime, angels have been my safe haven when I need light energy available to pull me up or pull me through.  Angelic aid is one of a kind and the best thing we have here on this plane for immediate connections and immediate results.
 If you have been experiencing some tough times and or just need to bring in light energy swiftly these incense are the exact way to go.  
  1. Archangel Michael:: Invoking Protection
  2. Archangel Metatron:: Invoking Wisdom
  3. Archangel Melchizedek ::  Invoking Knowledge
  4. Archangel Uriel ::  Invoking Love

  5. Archangel Gabriel::  Invoking Harmony

  6. Archangel Haniel:: Invoking Joy

  7. Archangel Raphael::  Invoking Healing

Each incense is composed of aroma blends that inoble these angelic beings brings their comfort to your sacred space.  This works best when utilized in conjunction to your daily spiritual practices.  You can purchase the incense individually or as a set.