Heal Your Space Smudging Bundle

Heal Your Space Smudging Bundle

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Before You Can Begin, You’re Gonna Need to Smoke Something’s Out!

This bundle is perfect for beginner’s or as a starter package for those needing to clear the air so to speak. The set includes ::

  • 1 Mini California White Sage
  • 1 Abalone Smudging Shell
  • 1  Natural Driftwood Stand
  • 1 Bag (2 ounces) of Crystal Sand
  • 1 Sacred Peacock fanning feather

Your bundle will have a standard 4 inch shell and 2 inch stand.  It’s also a perfect size and works  great with the Godis Gaia Energy Grounding Sage and may be used as an incense holder for amazing scents or to burn raw resins found in our store.

Comes with a smudging guide & energy prayer to help you get the best results.

*crystal not included