Godis Shakti Divinity Energy Bundle

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Saging is an ancient shamanic process of clearing stagnant or unfavorable energy that may attach to our being or our environment has been used by many wise cultures.  In recent years, western cultures have rediscovered the magical remedy of this herbal bundle and have made it a ritual part of our every day lives.  

This particular bundle will open you up for the optimal spiritual balancing experience. 

At 9 inches long, you are bound to get lots of wonderful use from this product   It also contains 5 elements that make it very unique:   

  1. Wild Lavender Sage, known for its loving/peaceful/harmonizing energy; 
  2. Vanilla Sweetgrass, known to renew positive vibes in & around you; and lastly 
  3. Natural Peacock Feathers, symbolizing infinite & devine existence but also of symbolic of energy purification, royalty, luck, wealth & health
  4. Shakti Healing Energy that brings forth not only protection, but also clears away anything not of your highest good while re-aligning your sacred energy & uplifting your state of being so you can awaken to your truest highest essence.
  5. Lavender flame Reiki essential flame of healing vibrations that are or have been off sync with their natural intended rhythm 

This is bundled with a sacred prayer card, saging instruction card with tip, a Quartz Crystal & a 4oz Goddess Shakti Crystal Bath Detox to boost the effects of this majestic product. And because so much love, thought & intention went into this handcrafted care package we are certain you will experience peaceful light changing results.

**crystals in photo are not included**