Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox - A Godis Glo & Vibe Up Cleanse - 10 oz

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A Bath Salt Blend That Makes You Feel Amazing AF...

After a severely stressful and tiresome day or week, there is nothing more soothing than a nice bath or shower to shed the energy of the day away. 

This blend of bath salts is #everything but ordinary! What makes them so special is the magical processes used to prepare them and the loving intention set into each product blend that gives you the truest feeling of relaxation.  But you will also gain an added sense of strength, peace, power & energy regained.  Many customers have also reported some or all of the following:

  • increase your vibration and harmonize with the divine feminine tribe
  • open yourself up to blessings and light filled energy
  • experience a rise in your energy, confidence and esteem


When deciding which bath detox you should get, it’s best to always pick the one you are more curious about or drawn toward the most.  It is also helpful to think about what you would like to have improve in your life, as which ever intention filled product you select will make you a magnet to it in various ways. If that just doesn't cut it for you, check out our Meet the Goddesses page and find out what you may be missing in your life with a little q & a

Includes a wooden scoop, charged crystal, & goddess prayer card.