The Lakota - M’Powered Mala Necklace ~ for Clarity, Humility & Wisdom

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Be Empowered, Protected & Fancy..... All at the same time

The Lakota Mala is made in honor of the tribal medicine women of history. Made with the standard of 108 beads total, it has a unique white asymmetrical quartz druzy at the center of its power.

This necklace serves its owner with energy of clarity and wisdom but also with humility and healing.  The gentle purity this item brings is phenomenal for any person deeply in their spiritual journey.

If you meditate and use mantras this piece has another use for you as malas are frequently used to chant daily prayers that enhance your journey.   

The necklace is made rice white Howlite stones that are great for calming the rage within but also healing old pains and settling emotional battles. It is surrounded and augmented with beautiful African sandalwood, rhinestone jewel pieces and gold plated beading to bring up the lux levels of this necklace.

This beauty is attuned to sacred shamanic power to enable your purpose path by bringing the owners true identity to the forefront and activate their gifts and innate abilities.

This necklace comes with the following:

  • satin drawstring satchel charging bag
  • Blessed Holy Palo Santo Wood for Hi vibes
  • Miniature empowerment oil to raise frequencies
  • Includes Free Prayer & Affirmation Card  

Matching bracelet available but sold separately as well as the energy attunement used on this item.  Purchased energy attunements empower your energy and will be charged to your being. This will help you heal yourself and others.  If attunement is purchased, it will come in separate email within 72 hours of purchase.