The Zaharah - M’Powered Mala Necklace - an Empath’s Delight

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Protecting Your Energy has Never Been So Pretty

The Zaharah Mala is handmade up of 108 beads total, purple imperial jasper crystal stones, beautiful African sandalwood and enriched with gold plated beads.  all surrounding a stunning 3 inch aura lite quartz centerpiece known to fill spaces with uplifting energies.  

This necklace serves its owner with energy protection but also brings forth balance of ones emotions in amazing ways.  It is attuned to healing rainbow light but also is deeply associated to divine love that helps you remain in your highest alignment in regards to universal balance and harmony within your auric, physical, mental and spiritual levels of self.

This necklace helps its owner:

  • find deep emotional balance and tranquility 
  • begin awakening to their truest self and ability
  • feel more connected to your sense of inner power
  • Inspire deep healing, emotionally & spiritually (this helps you feel wholeness and complete)
  • raise up your natural energy endurance levels 

This item comes with a satin drawstring satchel charging bag and blessed Palo Santo wood.  Matching bracelet is available but sold separately as well as the energy attunement used on this item.  When you purchase the energy attunements, you are now empowering your energy with what’s also in the necklace making you a conduit of the same energy. This will help you heal yourself and others.  It will come in separate email within 72 hours of your purchase. 

 Comes with a Godis Empowerment oil as our free gift to you.