Heart of A Godis Gemstone Pendant Supercharged Collection with 18k plated Necklace

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Rule #1 as A Godis... Keep Your Heart FULL of Love

This rule is the one thing we all need to follow as humans.  PERIODT.

When the heart is full of love that love energy spills over and becomes love in action. To keep ones heart full you have to clear it, strengthen it and protect it.

These crystals are very specific to this and are great for assisting in the processes of healing, clearing and strengthening. They also help with your transitioning into a new self.  If you are drawn to this item probably because you need one or the two of the aforementioned.   

This item comes with an 18k plated gold necklace and has been supercharged with heart chakra reiki energy & and “Gods Love” reiki.   These energies are what make it a part of the “supercharged” collections because it takes care of your heart in many various levels who’ll also amplifying your natural beauty.

The owner will be able to work through emotional scars, clear any bad energy, open their heart for more love or empower themselves to keep being the amazing loving Goddess that they are which is only a small piece of what crystals are capable of.

When Your purchase of this necklace will include:

  • one crystal pendant of your choice
  • one 18 inch 18k gold plated chain
  • one energy re-charging pouch 

 Comes with a Godis Empowerment oil as our free gift to you.