The Godis GloUp ~a Shimmer & Shine Oil with crystals

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The Haters Will Never Be Able to Dull Your Shine EVER Again .....

Ooooooo Hunn-nayyy this exotic oil is #everything.  Not only will you experience better skin (since its made of the most lux oils that we could find) but you will Shine & Shimmer like the sun!

We hand created these 6 oils with the intent to heal the skin and shine but also smell just as exotic.  It's a 3-in-1 oil that is packed with Good Vibes Galore. Just like everything else in our store, its made with crystals inside the oil, activated with crystal sound bowls and is then supercharged with elemental energy to make it all the more magical.  

  • Unicorn - to invoke Your uniqueness (white)
  • Empress - to invoke the royal one within (purp[e)
  • Mermaid - to invoke your inner mystic (turquoise)
  • Draconia - to invoke your super power (bronze)
  • Faerie - to invoke spunk, joy & whimsy (pink)
  • Godis - to invoke your divinity (gold)

Perhaps you want ALL THE MAGIC.  Then you can purchase the set with one for free.  This dynamic product is perfectly and professionally blended to bring you the best results and help you maintain your vibrational balance while bringing about your evolution on various levels and degrees.