Energy Grounding Lava Stone Necklace

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Life Can Often Get the Best of Us But It Doesn’t Have Too....

This raw stone necklace is perfect for women who experience hi levels of anxiety, sadness, fear and anger or find they frequently deal with bouts of depression. It’s also wonderful for spiritual empaths that need to ground and protect themselves from feeling too much of the energy of others. 

Lava stone is often an under appreciated stone, but truth be told, it comes from an original kind of situation. When molten lava rises up in our Mother Earth, in an act of balance it is deactivated with other forms of raw elements surrounding it, albeit cooling water or being smothered by dirt.  When the stone is plucked, it holds with it the perfect balance of fire and water and earth. This means that it also will provide the keeper of this stone that same calming, grounding balance it holds within itself.

Necklace chain is gold plated and is 18 inches long. Pendant is scented with a selection of Goddess scent but may also be selected as unscented if preferred with your favorite Goddess scent.  Just leave it in the notes at checkout.


This item comes to you charged with energy and includes a Godis Charging bag.