The Return of the Devine Feminine

It's FINALLY TIME  We are now in the time spoken by so many ancient text, countless priest, priestesses, ever wise medicine workers, light workers & shamanic healers.  This foretelling told of the age of gold, how we will evolve as a race and how we will remember who we are but also what we will do.  So you may be asking what does this have to do with the devine feminine.  Well there is so much that connects and aligns with all things that we can so let's dive into this for further inner-standing.

Many of us can testify to the power of woman.  I mean, we all have a woman or mother figure that has provided us the most amazing energy of devine love that has healed us in countless ways.   This Age of Gold is full of intense and infinite inner-g that is rich in the highest vibrations of existence.  The feminine, being the strongest physical & spiritual container of this warmth & deeply rejuvenating energy, is here to patch up the worlds energy that has been diminished by hurt-filled doings and experiences.  Think of it like when you fell and when you were comforted by your mother who picked you up and in a sense dusted you off while cleaning you up and empowering you of how wonderful you are and giving you the strength to keep going.   


Our dimension/realm has experienced so much ravaging in many different ways but as this winds down and the new beautiful era begins, we are being greeted and coached by our spiritual mother reminding each of us that we are made of a very sacred mold of being & that we are direct descendants of Her.  Therefore we are magic & we powerful & we are gold.  When the many of us begin to embrace this in large numbers we will all begin to fulfill our purposes individually but together creating this enormous web of solidarity that emit a golden glowing light because we have discovered OUR GOLD WITHIN.  

Does this all make sense now??  I hope you can see and feel the breathtaking power of all of this.  It's also more important that we begin to fully embody this understanding so it can awaken us within and wholly heal our life so we can become every nano ounce of the devine being we were born to be.  Now is the time my love.  Now, we will awaken the SHE within.  Sending you love on your journey and if you need guidance just know I am here to help you fulfill your destiny by scheduling a service or a Goddess Consultation call.

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