How to Maintain Your Frequency When Surrounded By Chaos

How to Maintain Your Frequency When Surrounded By Chaos - The Godis Shop Blog


There is no escaping the fact that the world we live in today is full of chaos, anger, confusion and turmoil. For the past 3 years we have all experienced levels of highs and low with our frequency. Some have walked thru the storms we have encountered with grace and some are still picking up scattered pieces.


The world has always been what it is and always will be though sometimes it may a little MORE than normal. But through all the shouting, fighting, emotions and storms at the base, center and end of it will always be you, me, we & us. This means that the old saying the "be the change" becomes an active solution to all we witness around us. At the end of the day, we all go home and we undress and what remains in those moments is simple US. What occurs outside your doors matters a bit less in these moments. What's left is ourselves, our viewpoints, our emotions, our thoughts and our frequencies. These are essentially the only things we can truly alter and change.


We are far beyond more capable to manage these parts of our selves when we take the time to truly work with them, calm them, diffuse them and even make peace with them. But the question may now arise...How Do We do those things? Well love, keep reading for tips & tools you can enact this very moment and regain control and better maintain your life.


- Tip #1 Take Small Moments of Self Reflection -

Taking those sweet seconds to take a moment to exhale the anxiety, anger, sadness or confusion is always the very first step. Sometimes when it seems the loud yelling of the ongoings of the world happen we cannot hear our own thoughts, truths and feelings. So the opposite happens, WE TAKE ON THE WORLDS. When this happens we tend to have an even more intense experience of feelings because frankly they are not our own (therefore they never actually settle in within) and secondly in the society we reside in, we are constantly programmed with what to believe so we in turn never truly get OUR own clarity until we draw the boundary lines and seek clarification for ourselves. Meditating to release what is not ours not things that serve our truest self is our first actionable tip for how to maintain your frequency in chaos.


- Tip #2 Enact the Oldie but Goodie Practice of The Golden Rule -

Some of us may recall being taught the golden rule as a child. You know... "Do to others what you would have done to you". This one obviously never gets old and is more powerful today than from the moments you learned it in your youth. When you recognize that your emotions around something is overstepping this glorious rule, you will automatically step back and re-assess some things. Are your unchecked ideals and emotions crossing the boundaries of free-will and impeding upon someone else's rightful universal decisions? Regardless of how right they seem, is it your place to rectify their stance? And lastly but actually firstly would you appreciate another person doing this very same thing to you in any capacity? When you answer this honest and truthfully I have a strong inkling that you will no doubt know what you should do.


- Tip #3 Emit MORE Love & Compassion.... Be the Solution -

Our evolution overall activates at its peak when we move fluidly inside of Love and Compassion. When you begin to love inwardly and outwardly synonymously, we synchronize with our highest existence which instantly raises our frequencies and vibrations almost instantaneously. Every form of existence on earth is deserving of this love and compassion even if we do not agree or understand each other.


It is our job to be the solution to the chaos, the healing balm to the pain of ourselves and the world by being our highest frequency. All we have to do is follow this path and choose to be something greater. Keep being amazing devine souls and keep loving one another.

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