7 Must-Have Spiritual Growth Tools & Practices

When it comes to spiritual growth there is no right, wrong or particular way to achieve the peak.  There are many routes one can take and universally speaking every last optional path is the right path.   

It's unfortunate that we have lost respect for one another regarding this because honestly, as an omnist (one who does not claim any one religion or belief but funds truth on them all ), I find the tools of many cultures to be helpful in my journey and often very awakening.  I also seek rather frequently for new ways to align to my devinity and to thrive within it as a whole.  

So what I'd like to share here are just the top 7 universal tools I have utilized to aid my spiritual growth journey.

  1. The Use of Sacred Prayer & Chants:  Sacred prayers often go back a long ways and more often help us connect soundly with the divine realms (think the lords prayer).  Chants are strings of sacred words that affirm and call forth divine assistance for our growth.  Both help to align us to deeper levels and cleanse our inner space while allowing us to commune with greatness.
  2. The Use of Meditation & Visualization:  Meditation happens in many ways and formats.  There is walking meditation, sleeping meditation, guided meditation and more.  the point of them all is connection to knowledge... to be shown what has been unknown and acquaint ourselves to what lies within us all but remains forgotten.  Visualization is the art of seeing and imagining for experiential bonding to places, things people and even memories.  As a bonus visualizing when activated helps manifest things.
  3. The Use of Incense, Resins, Sage & Candles: The sense of smell is not for our delight though it is helpful with helping us identify things for our protection.  Smell also connects us and smoke from these tools also carry our the vibes we create during our practices throughout all of our spaces.  Sage goes as far back to ancient native shamans who used the plant to clear bad energies and open the way during ceremonies.   Our sage has an added benefit of being supercharged with Goddess & Angelic Reiki energy to shield and further amplify your home.  You can find some HERE.
  4. The Use of Sound Therapy: By now you may see a pattern... your senses are the key to our growth.  Sound and frequency is also extremely helpful for us all since we are made of energy, vibration (sound waves) and matter.  Using gongs, bells, bowls and the like is amazing for realigning our energy fields when done properly.  Think of what great music has on your energy when you play your fav artist or playlist.  Yup, I think you can see how powerful sound really is... Check out our Tingsha Bells to aid your journey.
  5. The Use of Mala Beads:  Mala beads are ancient tools used in eastern practices and even  in christian devotional time.  Malas, like rosaries, help the user stay aligned with where they are and why they continue while strengthening their intentions as they practice repeating a chant meditation or prayer.  Generally made with power sacred woods, new malas like ones in our shop can be made with crystals as an added bonus to enhance the practice session and user. Especially ones empowered with sacred healing energies. 
  6. The Use of Crystals ... the more the merrier:  IF You Know, You Know... crystals are truly a godsend.   They are useful tools that help balance on our journey but also help us to grow.  These programmable semi-precious nuggets are used in almost everything made tech so if they have found use for it you know that tells a Lot.  There are a plethora of crystals with mile long various uses but the key is listening to your spirit and knowing which one you are drawn to most.  In our products we use lots of crystals as they help amplify the intentions of the products and their efficacy to being amazing to you upon your path.
  7. The Use of Spiritual Bath Detoxes:  Spiritual detoxes aka spiritual baths are one of the deepest kind of cleanses your soul can acquire.  They reset your vibration and clear away the undesired debris you may have collected from people, places and/or experiences.  If you suffer from anger sadness and depression then this is where you'd want to start immediately.  Be sure to see the link below to learn more by clicking Meet the Goddesses below to synchronize to which Goddess bath detox is most helpful to your needs.

These all may be used stacked, consecutively or individually.  Again there isn't a WRONG order but there is a more affective order that I subscribe to and also prescribe to clientele and definitely applies to you too.  At Zero-no-highest I say follow what you are most attracted too and then my suggestion after that if the inner knowing just hasn't hit clearly, I advise on going with a spiritual detox.  

The 30+ collection of detoxes we offer will aid you in many ways.  It can protect, strengthen, encourage, motivate and rejuvenate your essence.  They all include a downloadable pdf to explain the association and includes affirmations to inspire you.  Last but certainly not least, your detox includes a crystal to aId the process.

Yeah, its pretty loaded. But also... it's pretty effective so far (7 years strong).  If you need guidance on which you need, select one of the following options:

Cheers to Your Journey & Growth Beloved!!

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