Is the Goddess in You Awakening? 21 Signs that You've Begun the Journey

Hey Godis.  If you have landed on this blog post then I am 80% sure you fit the mold my beloved of stepping onto the path of feminine awakening.  This is an exciting time for us all.  And each time we have a new sistern arrive to her path we are all the more closer to the amazing prophecy of the golden age of the sacred woman.  
Many of our worlds old ways, habits and mis-understandings are falling away from our own selves but also our society in many various ways.  We are headed to the golden gateway of the devine feminine.  Have you noticed that many more women are taking the lead in entertainment platforms, business and even political stages round the world?  This is because the poles have shifted and so has our human consciousness and awarenesses.  So much is shaking up on this planet and that said shakening is loosening things up in massive ways.  
So, how do you know if you are one of the millions of women that have reached the point of the sacred awakening?  Well keep on reading my love and we will rattle off few ways that indicate that you have begun or have started awakening that amazing fem-magic built inside us all.

21 Signs that You've Begun Awakening Your Inner  Devine Feminine

#1. You feel Called Forward: 

You have this nagging feeling that its time.  Time for you to get up and be or do something important or bigger than yourself.  Keep asking yourself what it its that is being asked of you in this calling.  Move fluidly into the calling and by all do so without fear. 

#2. You feel something of a knowing stirring inside your Soul:

We all have have had the feeling.  We get that thought that just wont go away and lingers on but we cannot dispute it no matter how worrisome it is to us.  This is the knowing that something is amiss and its time to pay attention.  It's time to act upon it wouldn't you say.  

#3. Your gifts and/or Intuition is more active than normal:

Your gifts have become activate.  Your senses have heightened.  Congratulations my dear,  you have awakened your inner senses which is an indication of your sacred connection.

#4.  When you see an awakened sister you feel burst of energy:

You have no idea how much joy I get when I see a woman strutting confidently in her every step.  When a woman is Knowing who she is, she is moving closer and closer to the goddess essence within her.  If you feel happiness within from this its because you are acknowledging that your God/Goddess within has witnessed another God/Goddess on earth. 

#5.  You feel as if you are having an eerie remembrance of ancient truths & practices:

You have strange memories that have been creeping up in your mind of how things of old were once done, some knowing of truths without having done any research or maybe its how to do something that you have never done before.  Don't fret.  It's just your ancient self letting you know it has arrived.

#6.  You feel a pull to learn more or find a mentor:

When you have reached a certain point in your life, you will recognize that you cannot do it alone nor will you want to.  The old saying " when the student is ready the teacher will appear"  well love it has begun and do not be surprised that the mentor you need is not far behind the feeling.

#7  You refuse to allow any circumstances keep you from discovering yourself:

You have made it up in your mind.  You can no longer put up with the dealt with urges to discover who you are or the urges to have answers to those burning questions within yourself.  And what happens when we are fed up. We take actions.

#8  You have an unshakable desire to heal old emotional wounds:

Your old wounds from your ex, your family or old friends seem like pitiful outdated shoes.  And some how your need to settle the score or just let go is all you can seem to think about.  I call it cleaning out the old shoe closet and of course its necessary because you gotta clear out before you can fill up. 

#9  You embrace yourself more and honor your being different:

Check you out boo.  I see you growing and glowing.  You've been honoring who you are and embracing your greatness one moment at a time.  Loving your awkwardness or clumsiness or cray-cray ways its all about of receiving your uniqueness and its a part of accepting the "she" within.

#10  You yearn for deep sisterhood:

You have perhaps like myself never really been a big fan of having tons of girlfriends around or maybe you have but haven't found the right ones through the years but now its an itch that you can't ignore anymore.  Sisterhood is an amazing way to recognize yourself through others and connecting to the sacred fem as she shows up in others. so yup its pretty normal.

#11 You are over pleasing others and do whats best for you:

You have spent most of your life pleasing your parents, your spouses, your friends your bosses but low and behold never being happy enough or pleased with your self and then one day you wake up and you are so #overit  This one is kind like a combustible sign but a great one none the less.

#12 You begin to honor your connection to your divinity:

You are Devine... there is no sugar coating that or way around it sweets.  It is what it is and you have finally accepted that.  Cheers to you !! 

#14 You have been yearning for change inside your life:

You ever wake up and say "somethings gotta change"  welp my love that voice though it sounds a lot like yours may be something higher than you prompting said change.  So the ball is in your court and you got the power so use it wisely.  

#14 You often feel burst of bliss throughout your day:

Those moments of all smiles or tickles of laughter is just you becoming filled with bliss.  Embrace every bit of it.... I mean its contagious right so just let it flow. 

#15 You wanna know who you are and who you were in another life:

I remember there was a time when I got a reading at every chance I could  I was trying to find understanding of my past so I can gain the keys to my future.  But little did I know that it was finding out who I am/was that granted me so much more.  I found lots of peace and discovered that this is what helped me co-create my future.  This is godliness at its best.

#16 Your current diet is unfulfilling:

You have looked in the fridge almost 20 times in 2  hours.  Yet nothing is filling the hunger void or nothing seems appealing.  Often you are seeking something more but there are other times when you are just looking for food to give you the right nutrition for the body of a devine being. Often times this is a sign of integration with the goddess but most earthly food is devoid of proper nutrition. There is some good stuff out there but it absolutely is time for a change. 

#17 You experience moments of deep depression doubt & sadness:

You may experience moments of sadness but no worries love its just instantaneous purging.  Don't let this get you down though just be in the process and more importantly trust the process.

#18 You begin to let go of self judgment:

You have had enough.  Tired of not feeling like you are enough.  I agree with you love.  You deserve to love yourself continually and infinitely.  The practice of self judgment is so yesterday.  But today its all about receiving and loving yourself so do just that my love.

#19 You are unbothered and are hopeful in unimaginable ways:

There is soooo much chaos around you  but for some reason you are feeling unbothered and full of hope.  NO you are no fool.  You just have an inner knowing that everything is gonna be alright and is just as it should be. 

#20 You begin to magnetize and manifest the shit out of your life:

Yassss honey.  Werk that magick.  When you begin to recognize that you are  magnetic manifest-her co-creating and writing out your life bit-by-bit and doing the work each day. You are activating your Goddess magick each time you do so. So yes and please do this all the more often.

#21  You begin to live on purpose, live in gratitude and love with your soul:

This one is full on living as a walking love sharing breathing light working  goddess. When you live on purpose you are living in your power.  When you move in love you are living in your power and when you exude gratitude you are exhibiting your inner-standing of universal workings.  Exercise these daily and watch how your life changes and the goddess within unfolds.


So which ones can you officially check off the list above?? Please share this with  women you know as there are so many woman experiencing many of these mile markers everyday and just like you they have been seeking answers.  Through these answers many more will acknowledge themselves but also acknowledge that they have arrived to an amazing part of their journey and this will encourage them to keep going, growing & expanding themselves! 

Cheers and Ase!


  • Farah

    I am experiencing almost all of these ❤️

  • Mary McClinton

    Awesome! Google search is amazing! Coming upon this information in a pivotal moment in my time is amazing, in the month of March 2021, as we celebrate International Women’s Month! I am so grateful and humble to be presented with this as I come into My Devine Goddess to be called to my purpose! 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️

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